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I'm 17 years old and I live in , little town in the middle of the . I study at . I like reading, writing, drawing, ceramic, animals (especially guinea-pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, capybars, rabbits and ostriches), nature, fossils, cacti and suculents, expeditions to way out, cycling, basketball, engineering, robots… I have one rabbit, three parrots and two guinea-pigs. …and I need a crocodile :)

When I was 5, I started to write stories about my two giunea-pigs and draw illustrations for them. Later I changed guinea-pigs into heroes for children. Then came a lot of adventure and fantasy stories. When I was 12, I started to write an adventure story called Froddy - The Friend from a Primeval about a little talking dinosaur, who comes to our civilization. I tried my luck and sent the script to Portál, the publishing house in Prague. A year later, 24th February 2005, the book came out.

During that time, when I published my book, I decided I was through with writing stories for books. I have decided that publishing books was a bad idea. Books aren't available for all. Then I struck upon an idea, I'll draw ! I set a target to make a free comic not only for a fun and exciting experience, but even for thought. I want to point out faults in society and bad customs. Perhaps then people will get wiser. Or not? …I want to save the world. Yeah, it's crazy, I know. But I want to try it ;].

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