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I want to animate this..
I can see this becoming a feature film. Have you considered it?
Author: genericMike (9.2.2006 )

Great comic. Interesting story and fabulous graphics. Really great. Can\"t wait to see more pages. Good luck!!!
Author: Fugazi (4.2.2006 )

WOW THIS COMIC IS AWESOME!!! It so cool looking. Asheron is so furry and cool looking. He looks as if he could be a plush toy :) He is really so cool. I love how he looks so furry. How do you make him look furry?
Author: Derutydragon (31.1.2006 )

Best comic!!
You have really drawn this well, i admire your work. I cant draw that well but im trying and did i say you did a great job with this comic. great start and great drawings, where did you learn to draw like that? did you learn it by yourself or did you go to artschool or something? could you put out some scetches of your work? I want to see how you do it, learn from the master sort of.
Author: leo (19.1.2006 )

Wonderful Comic!
*huggles you to death* This is an AWESOME WONDERFUL BEAUTIFLE comic! I love it! The detail put into your characters amazes me.. Asheron is so cute, I just want to give him a big hug! If I knew how to draw, i\"d be sending you some fanart! ^-^;; I cant wait to see whats next. Keep doing a great job! Your one of my top ten favorite comics. =D Cookies to the author! ((..and why the artist of Inverloch thought this is a rip off, I will never know... are people today that paranoid? o_0;))
Author: Miheza (MysticTiger) (16.1.2006 )

Your art is unique, fantastical... (made up word?!) And just so well-done. I love your dragon designs, and the way you do fur. And the story, well, there\"s so much to be had, I can tell. Keep going like this. Major kudos to you my pal. <3 And to people who thought this would be an Inverloch ripoff: Good lord. Just, good, lord.
Author: Senshuu (15.1.2006 )

Hawooo!! Hey, that\"s a great starting what you have done here. And it\"s a nice web-design, too. I wish the best for you and your Comics (I\"ve put this site to my favourites...)
Author: SharpClaw (13.1.2006 )

You\"re an amazing artist. I love the story(so far). And you\"re art is...well...beautiful. I\"m going to keep coming back.
Author: Melinda (13.1.2006 )

Hey! Great job!
I was kind of hesitant to read this at first because I thought as so many others have: that it was an Inverloch ripp off. But now I know better, and I love it! Got the link off of Nil\"s site (below). I\"m linking to you, now! I have my own webcomic (also just started), but it\"s not near as good!
Author: Faile (12.1.2006 )

Guestbook bug
There seems to be a bug in the guest book that is changing all apostrophes into backslashes+quotes. \" = \\\" Please delete this when the bug is fixed.
Author: Nil (11.1.2006 )

Note about Inverloch, and commendations
I first found out about Asheron over on the Inverloch forums. Someone had emailed Sarah, and she posed it to the forum. If anyone is still wondering, we decided that it was obviously not a ripoff, and instead a rather good webcomic that happened to have some similarities. I hope you got my email, and if I haven\"t said it three times already, you\"re doing a amazing job here.
Author: Nil (11.1.2006 )

Simply awesome.
<puts link to Asheron wherever he can> At first I thought that it\"s just some Inverloch ripp off xD. Plus, the same what ApeX said =].
Author: Hezre (11.1.2006 )

Nice Work!
You have very nice work, some of the best I have seen. I know of some good friend that would be interested in your comic, so expect more readers very soon!! =D
Author: ApeX (10.1.2006 )

Seems cool
Not bad has potencial Ill keep tabs on it fo now... Anyway great work with the art is great,good luck I wanna see more
Author: Frank (9.1.2006 )

\"scuse the spam, I went back and studied it and realised that the next button disappears because there\"s only one more comic there :( Darnit, I\"m gonna have to bookmark the place now and obsessively check for updates. Please feel free to remove my original post if you ever get around to reading this, heh. ^_^ Nice art style, btw. Looks awesome.
Author: Kiirani (9.1.2006 )

One more thing..
Uhm, not sure you noticed this, but all the apostrophes are being turned into double quotes and apparently, it\"s trying to comment them out with \\... Er, you might wanna fiddle with that
Author: Kiirani (9.1.2006 )

Bad php?
Hey, your comic looks good so far, but I got to about page 9 of it, that\"s page 11 in your url, and the \"next\" button disappeared. You probably know more about this than me, but how exactly are you getting those comics onto that page? It\"s REALLY not good when the reader has to edit the url manually to read the comic.
Author: Kiirani (9.1.2006 )

Hi, Purple Cactus!
I remember you too :) I\"m happy you visited my comic! I really don\"t know why it has no. 0 on TWC, I\"m surprised too :) PS: I\"m back on DA when I have a little free moment... I\"m now really busy - because of my wecomics ^^\"
Author: Fany (9.1.2006 )

I remember you - you\"re on my dA watchlist. You haven\"t posted in ages, but I guess this project would be why :) Anyways, good luck in your comic - it looks GREAT so far! (Why is it listed as \"0\" on TWC?)
Author: purple cactus plant (9.1.2006 )

Sorry about the guestbook before, I didn\"t know how to make it available to writing from out ^^; But now it works! :) I\"m happy you like the site! ...hope I will be able to keep it alive for long time :) In the english version everything has to be function, except those tutorials, but I\"m going to make them!
Author: Fany (26.10.2005 )

I tried to post before, not sure if it worked. Good luck with the comic, the site looks awesome :D
Author: Fable Hill (25.10.2005 )

Welcome in guestbook!
Asheron and I will be very happy if you write here your opinions of this site, comments or ideas!
Author: Fany (22.10.2005 )

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