FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you?

A: I'm a student of ; and I'm a female >:E

Q: How old are you?

A: I'm currently 17, but about 6 in my mind and for people around me :)

Q: What is your dream for the future? Will you continue in your way of art?

A: Yes. My great dream is to move to the USA and work at cartoon and 3D animation projects in some large film studio such as Dreamworks, Pixar & etc. I will do anything to make it true.

Q: What time do you update?

A: ... Updates... eh, yes... *looong thinking* ......... I know that updates are very random, but I have no idea how to update more periodically. As I said, I'm a student usually living in boarding house, and there isn't much time to work on my comp, therefore each update takes a different amount of time and it's hard to set up any sort of concrete "schedule". The interval between updates can be from about 24 hours to two weeks, whereas each post can contain one page or three + some extras. If you want to be noticed about new pages, just type your email to the form at the main page (below the News).

Q: What does 's name mean?

A: I didn't think up this name, it dreamed me! ^^ But once I wrote other story and one of the main heroes was named - he was a spirit of nature. His name arose from an ash tree and a heron. In my dream I took it or what. But primary Asheron looked in quite a different way - like flying ostrich :D. ... (So nothing to do with Inverloch, of course)

Q: How did Asheron's story come to being?

A: By a dream. This furry creature once came into my dream and experienced its adventure directly ahead of my closed eyes. It was a lot of dramatic and the main hero called Asheron has interesting nature. He was an orphan without friends, so he thought differently than others. That's why I was interesting by him and then I decided to save his story. (And it's a true he was far too much cute ^^!)

Q: So this comic is entirely by a dream?

A: Yes, basically. It's a fact it had a couple of illogicalities, which needed to recondition. And some portions of dream I have forgotten <:( So this is not completely exact copy of that dream.

Q: What do you draw with?

A: I sketch usually with paper and mechanical pencil, for everything other I use Wacom Graphire Tablet.

Q: Can I link to Asheron?

A: Of course, I'd appreciate it! In the section there are . You can use them as you wish.

Q: Will you draw a picture for me?

A: Oh my card! Sorry, but now I'm busy. I'm afraid you'll have to make do with the art I have up!

Q: How many pages is the comic going to have? How long are you going to write it?

A: Ehm… How many pages it would have? … I really dunno. Even how long I will write it. Did you ever know how many lines will have your composition? I think it's no good to have everything perfectly predetermined. Then is complicated to add some ideas which crossed your mind during creating. So let it be a surprise! :)

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