My Other Webs

Froddy - the Friend from a Primeval (book)

A website about Froddy, the book, which I once wrote and ilustrated and which to my surprise even came out in a prestigious publishing house Portál. (cz)

The Literary Adventure

Literární Dobrodružství

My first webpage where I published my art. There are the oldest stories written on computer, mostly adventure and fantasy. (cz)

Dragon Heroes - on-line fantasy comix

A colored epic fantasy/mystery/exciting/adventure/action and maybe a little bit psychothriller. It tells the story of three teenage dragons who, after one horrific day, set out on their destiny to save the world ;] (cz/en)

FanyArt - on-line gallery of Iva Vyhnánková (Fany)

My officially web art gallery, where every my pic has to be published. The webpage is named by my nickname :) (cz/en)

On-line store

Prints - DeviantArt

An online store where you can buy some prints, puzzles, mugs, magnets... all with my pictures :) (en)

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