What is it about?

The tells a story from strange where many fascinating creatures live according to nature. There are even some creatures that keep watch over specific elements of nature, like forests, rivers, and mountains… Every race of creatures has their own name.

The story of the comic centers around a strange furry creature named , the crossbreed of two races (maybe even more, but I don't know anything about it). The tris'tacs are fire "" with red-golden sparkling fur and red eyes. 's father was ranked among of them. His mother, however, comes from a race of forest "dragons". But has never seen her.

Just as every other creature like him was, he was born from an egg. But his coming to the world wasn't nearly as peaceful, and he had to fight for survival as a child. He had no friends on his world, so he'd dream up his big brother Destin to keep him company and help him on his journey to freedom.


Asheron and his story officially originated on the night between the 8th and 9th of September 2005, when I had a dream about a strange yellow green creature which looks like a thin furry Stegosaurus :D. In the dream he was called Asheron, Ash or tris'tac. I gathered from it that was a name, and tris'tac was a race.

However, I don't remember the entire dream. There were also a couple of confusing places, so I used some portions from my stories, which I wrote so looong ago that I can't remember them well, for the comic. Sometimes I find scripts in my wardrobe, so it's possible the story won't be much like I imagine it now. This comic could end up being about anything! :)


                7__7    l
                (@@)   /|\
               (^_^)  / | \
    ASHERON    __) \_/,-|  \ 
              /-/__\ )  |,-|
               (/_,-/\     '
               (  ( . \_
              /_`._\(___ `.
                 '---' _)/

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